TreeHacks 2022 will be the 8th-ever iteration of TreeHacks. We’ve identified five global and technological challenges that we think have tons of potential for innovation. Across each of these challenges, we’ve scaffolded resources like potential project ideas, data sets, APIs and toolkits, and more to help get you get started.

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$105,555 in prizes

Moonshot Prize

The craziest, most out-of-this-world project.

MacBook Pros for each team member.

Most Technically Complex

The most technically impressive project

Bose 700s for each team member

Most Creative

The project with the most innovative idea and execution.

Nintendo Switch for each team member

Best Hardware Hack

Best hack that incorporates hardware

Prusa i3 Original Mini for each team member

Most Impactful Hack

The project with the greatest potential social impact

LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Gaming Monitor for each team member

Best Beginner Hack

Best hack made by a majority-beginner team. Beginners are hackers for whom TreeHacks is their first hackathon.

DJI Mini SE for each team member

Healthcare Grand Prize

Best healthcare project

Apple Watch for each team member

Accessibility Grand Prize

Best accessibility project

iPad for each team member

Web 3.0 Grand Prize

Best Web 3.0 project

$300 Airline Gift Card to go to a crypto conference!

Sustainability Grand Prize

Best sustainability project

Electric scooter for each team member

Privacy, Security, & Safety Grand Prize

Best privacy, security, & safety project

Yubi key + AirPods Pro for each team member

Best Designed Hacker Room

Create something cool in your OhYay room!

HomePod Mini for each team member

(Neo) Most likely to become a business

"Product: Build something people want.
Market Size: Address a significant opportunity.
Team: Founders would consider committing for long-term."

$3000 cash prize. Airfare + accommodations for your team to visit a summer retreat with Neo scholars, startups, and veteran mentors.

(Bubble) No Code No Problem

Launch faster with no-code… build a production-ready app that uses Bubble for the frontend, backend, or both! Feel free to integrate with code using Bubble’s API, or build the entire solution in Bubble.

$2000 in Bubble credits
$200 Amazon gift card for each person on the team"

(Goodcall) Tech for Local Business Grand Challenge

"Apply a new or interesting technology (ex: AI, NLP, blockchain/crypto/web3, AR/VR, robotics, cybersecurity, mobile, ++) to help a local business.

Why it matters? 32+ million local businesses in the USA serve food, cut hair, fix toilets, sell toys, repair cars and more. Collectively, local firms employ over 48% of the USA workforce. Technology is difficult to access for local businesses but can be a game changer for productivity and unlock new revenue (Doordash, Quickbooks, Square, Goodcall).

$2,400 cash

(InterSystems) Best use of InterSystems FHIR services (3)

We are looking for the most interesting applications that make use of HL7 FHIR standards.
Interacting with the smart device or hospital's EMR? Building a consumer-facing mobile app or predicting the next infection outbreak with Machine Learning? All of the above? Up to you, as long as your solution helps to improve people's health.
To qualify for the prize - your solution needs to use one or more InterSystems FHIR services, such as InterSystems FHIR accelerator service and/or HealthShare Message Transformation Service.

1 place 2000$ for the team
2 place Apple iPad / each team member
3 place AirPods Pro / each team member

(Mage) Best Use of ML with Mage (3)

Use the Mage platform to come up with the best machine learning use case for an app.

1st - $1,500 Cash
2nd - $500
3rd - $250

(Terraform Labs) Tooling Track

Build and/or contribute to products that are useful to other developers in the ecosystem. Tools such as debuggers, smart contract templates, CLIs, and text editor plugins are all fair game.
Criteria: best new piece of developer tooling for the Terra Ecosystem.

50 LUNA (value of $2810 as of 2/6/22)

(Terraform Labs) UST Adoption / DeFi Protocol Track (2)

Utilize UST - Terra's native stablecoin and Terra's Layer 1 smart contract platform to develop novel use cases that drive demand for decentralized money
Criteria: 2 best applications building DeFi applications leveraging UST.

$1,000 Amazon Gift Card

(Otsuka Valuenex) Otsuka Valuenex Wellbeing Innovation Challenge

Best project that combines mental health and food!

The prize will be $1000 uber eats credit for each team member & a sponsored dinner at Nobu in Palo Alto, where you can eat top quality sushi and Japanese beef (We’ll make sure to look after your wellbeing as you help others!). Also, you will get a chance to further develop the idea with Otsuka & Valuenex through an internship.

(Scale AI) Best ML Hack

Best ML hack using Scale products!

Unitree Go1 Robot Dog for the winning team

(Scale AI) API Challenge

Most API calls made

Oculus Quest 2 for each winning team member

(VMWare) Innovation

The team with the most innovative idea and execution.

See more info at

Apple Watch Series 7 per team member

(VMWare) Sustainability

The team with the idea that has the greatest potential impact in sustainability

See more info at

Apple Watch Series 7 per team member

(VMWare) Collaboration

The team that demonstrated the most collaboration

See more info at

Apple Watch Series 7 per team member

(Stanford Center for Ethics) Most Ethically Engaged Hack

This prize awards the team that can best articulate the ethical tensions and potential hazards latent in their project and create innovative solutions for addressing them. Teams will also be evaluated based on the ethical significance of their technological intervention. Judging criteria for the prize can be found here: Participants are encouraged to attend the Center for Ethics workshop on Saturday at 10:00am to learn more. To be considered, participants must also include in their devpost submission a written narrative that explains what ethical considerations were most important when developing the project and how they were incorporated into their final product.

$1,000 cash

(SERI) Kill COVID Challenge (2)

Find ways to fight the spread of COVID-19 and potential new variants! Possible directions include early detection of new variants, COVID data visualization for real-time policy decisions, improved protective equipment, and more! Since the Kill COVID Challenge is different compared to traditional TreeHacks challenges, we provide an idea bank ( to help get teams started. Feel free to use it or ignore it completely!

Prizes will be awarded based on the project’s impact and on the project’s execution/implementation. (Bonus impact points if the project provides defense against other pathogens, present and future.)

$1,000 cash x 3

(Checkbook) Prizes

Checkbook offers one simple API to provide a way for Businesses to send out a payment to anybody with an email address or phone number. The recipient of the payment does not need to sign up or login

According to the stats published by the Federal Reserve 14Billion paper checks and 24Billion ACH payments were made in 2019! Businesses are still using antiquated systems like paper checks and ACH to send payments. Checkbook provides an API for business (and individuals ) to send a payment to anyone with an email or phone number. The recipient does not need to download an app or sign up.
We are looking for creative uses of our API to solve the simple problem of getting payments to anyone. Traditionally all payment systems are two sided i.e. they require both sender and recipient to enroll before being able to make a payment (e.g. paypal, zelle, venmo, squarecash etc. ) We are the only “one-sided” payment system i.e. the recipient does not need to enroll before accepting a payment

Prize: Google minis for each team member

(Matrix) Best Application of Crypto

The best use of crypto in your project wins $500 in ETH

Funniest Hack

Win a cool lego set!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


TreeHacks Judges

TreeHacks Judges

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    We want hackers to create a project that makes you say “wow” and tell all your friends about it. We're looking for projects that think so far outside the box that you begin to wonder why there was a box at all in the first place.
  • Technical Complexity
    In only 36 hours, hackers manage to build projects with remarkably complex infrastructures built on excitingly advanced frameworks. We hope to see projects that are really running some beautiful code or hardware under the hood.
  • Social Impact
    We're looking for hacks that seem crazy, the moonshots that seem out of this world, and the blueprints for change that will impact future generations in humanity's most pressing areas of concern in the coming years.

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